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Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

What are some benefits of wedding insurance?

Do you have a wedding planned?  If so, now is the time to obtain wedding insurance.

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I know you are thinking, “What? My wedding is not for four, six, seven, eight or more months from now. Why do I need the wedding insurance policy now?”

Well one of the benefits of wedding insurance is not only does it provide general liability and liquor liability coverage for your event, it also covers the rehearsal dinner and potentially cover the breakfast or the brunch the day after the wedding.

And one of the most important coverage’s that wedding insurance provides is lost deposit coverage.

When planning a wedding, there are several deposits that you will have to make for vendors in order to secure those vendors for your special day. Some types of deposits are:

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Dress
  • Photographer
  • Entertainment

Why is lost deposit coverage important?

Well, recently there was a local bridal store that closed their doors without warning.

Many brides had paid thousands of dollars for their wedding dresses and had them at the bridal boutique for alterations and the store closed and locked their doors.

Can you imagine being a month or two out from your wedding and having something like this happen? Will you have the money to buy a new dress in a short time period?

What happens if you have your deposit down on your banquet hall and they have a fire a month before your wedding date, goes out of business and will not be able to host your wedding?

You’ll need to secure a new facility and probably have to get it done quickly. So where will you get the money to secure the new facility?

Well, the proper wedding insurance purchased at the appropriate time period, would step up and provide the right coverage to get your deposit money back in your hands to secure that new facility.

So this is the reason to not wait until the day of the wedding or the day before the wedding to get the wedding insurance policy in effect.

Get the wedding policy in effect early, so that it can pick up the risk of all of these lost deposits.

A good wedding insurance plan will also provide protection from unforeseen circumstances of a wedding, such as:

  • Your guests have food poisoning
  • You’re sued because of someone left your reception after having too much to drink and caused an automobile accident
  • The policy provides coverage in case there’s damage to the venue that you are renting
  • Wedding Insurance will usually give you some coverage for your gifts and your wedding rings (check your specific policy for coverage and included causes of loss)

Wedding insurance an excellent policy to have just to make sure that this most magical day in your whole entire life goes without a hitch.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We’d love to help you with your wedding insurance as well as work with you and your new spouse to your personal policies together.

Check out our page on Insurance For And After Your Big Day for some tips on what to do with your insurance after your are married.

We wish you the most joyous of days and a happy life together

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