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Contractors Insurance

Contractor’s Insurance, Let Us Get You Great Contractor’s Insurance Coverage at Great Rates!

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How can we do this for you?

Simply put, as an independent insurance agency, we represent several companies who specialize in contractor’s insurance. So we can find you the right business insurance with great coverage at great rates.

Contractor Insurance (For MD, VA, DE, PA, WV, DC)

At Huff Insurance, we specialize in providing superior insurance protection for Contractors.  We have great Contractor’s Insurance Products to meet the needs of virtually every kind of contractor!

The Proper Contractor’s Insurance Beats Financial Nightmares

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Can you picture your contractor business on the brink of collapse because of a multi-million dollar lawsuit? Actually, it’s a nightmare scenario any independent contractor could face because of alleged negligence or other liability claims.

If you have a weakness in your business insurance plan, you could lose everything you have worked so hard to build.

There’s no doubt that contractors, especially those in the construction industry, face potentially bigger and more expensive lawsuit costs than most businesses.

Being a contractor in means that you have to worry about lawsuits do to your work, employees work and work of your subcontractors.

If you have subcontractors, as yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have your contracts designed with subcontractors to provide indemnification agreements, hold harmless and require the subcontractor to add you as an additional insured to their policy?
  • Do you get a certificate of insurance from every subcontractor before every job begins?

If you answer yes to these, it could save you thousands of dollars if there is damage or a claim.

Claims can happen to anyone.

Over the years we have seen many lawsuits and claims from the construction industry.  We had a claim recently where a contractor was working in a Pasadena, Maryland home to install a new HVAC system in the basement.

The contractor had to leave the job site uncompleted and advised the home owner to stay out of the basement, because the power was turned off and the job was not done.  Later that evening, the eager homeowner went downstairs with a flash light to see how things were progressing.  In his attempt to “check things out” he tripped over the contractors tool box that was left on the floor.  The customer broke his ankle and injured his back, causing him a permanent back injury and several weeks of loss work. The homeowner sued the contractor for his medical bills and pain and suffering.

How many times have you left job sites without things done and advising customer to stay away?   Could this situation happen to you?

But even on a more modest scale, you run many other risks, such as property theft, vandalism and damage, workers compensation claims, and the everyday problems that any firm can experience, like business disruption and vehicle accidents.

Any one of these has the potential to undermine your business and undo years of hard work. But with the help of specialized experts like the team at Huff Insurance, you can protect yourself from these financial hazards with customized contractors insurance.

Are you a utility contractor?

If so, in Maryland, as of January 2021, Anne Arundel County is requiring all utility contractors to provide Anne Arundel County Public Works with a $50,000 surety bond.

Huff Insurance can help you meet this requirement.

Scores of businesses rely on the service we provide for contractors with purpose-built packages that can include protection for:

We can design a custom Contractor Insurance plan for the following types of contractors (and many more):

Huff Insurance is the place to go to make sure you have the proper Contractor Insurance Protection!

There are a lot of things to consider, but with Huff Insurance on your side, you don’t need to worry. With our expertise and experience, we’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and make sure you have the right insurance protection at the right price for your business.

Don’t let the roof fall in on your business dreams through inadequate contractors insurance.

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Huff Insurance is a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent in Pasadena Maryland.  We know that you need certificates quickly. Most certificates are completed immediately while we are on the phone with you.  Or you can print your own with access through our customer portal.

Do you get this type of service from your agent:?

Do You Hire Sub Contractors?

If so, then you need to check out our SUB CONTRACTOR INSURANCE page to see how it could affect your business insurance!  Not knowing could cost you thousands of Dollars $$.