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Optical Store Insurance

Are you an Optometrist that is looking for the best Optical Store Insurance?

Oprometrist Insurance, Optical Store Insurance, Huff Insurance, Pasadena MarylandHuff Insurance will help you see your optical store insurance coverage clearly.

We have great rates for Optical Stores and Optometrist’s offices and great insurance products to meet the needs of your optical business.

Your job is to help people see clearly.

Our job at Huff Insurance is to help you understand your insurance needs clearly so that you have the appropriate coverage for your business needs.

Your store and office are very busy places with clients are constantly coming and going.

Optical store inventory and property of others in your care creates unique insurance needs.  And you need to have the right optical store insurance for your business.

Where To Start with Your Insurance Protection Plan:

Your patients are walking around your office or store with their eyes dilated and not wearing their contacts or glasses.  It is very easy to see how someone could fall or trip, causing injury to themselves, to your merchandise or another customer.

This is why general liability insurance is especially important for your office.  Don’t risk your business by not having the right protection.

In addition to general liability coverage, you should consider a commercial umbrella insurance to provide additional liability protection.   Liability is always the great unknown so purchase the largest amount of liability that you can afford.

The medical equipment in a Ophthalmologist or Optometrist office is very expensive.  When thinking about your business property insurance needs you need to consider the cost of the medical equipment, the fixtures and furniture as well as your stock and inventory.

It is important to know how the carrier handles the property of others.  Will it be included in your business personal property limit?  Or will it be a separate coverage that you need to purchase?

You will most likely have property of others in your store.   When your customers prepay for their glasses or contacts and they get delivered to your store, it is considered property of others. You may also have glasses that you are reparing in your store as well.

If there is a theft or a fire prior to them picking up these items, do you want your insurance carrier to cover the loss?

Most optical stores would want this covered, but different carriers handle this differently.

What other Insurance needs will your Optical Store have?

In addition, to the property and liability insurance coverage a medical professional needs to have malpractice or professional liability insurance coverage.  This is needed in the event that someone is misdiagnosed or if there is an error in surgery or with the medical treatment.

Having employees to run the store and handle billing as well as the professional staff means that you need workers compensation insurance.  This will provide coverage while the employee is working if they are injured in their scope of employment.

Also, since you have employees you should also consider employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) protection.  This will  provide coverage if an employee sues for sexual harassment, discrimination or hostile workplace to name a few.

If you have vehicles in the business name then you would also need commercial auto insurance coverage.  But, if you don’t have vehicles, but have staff running errands or renting vehicles when on trips for the business then you should have hired and non-owned auto coverage.

Your optical business may be blurry to some insurance agents.  But Huff Insurance would love to work with you so that you can clearly see what optical store insurance you need to protect your business.

We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

Why Huff Insurance?

At Huff Insurance we have protected the residents and business of Pasadena MD since 1960.

We know the area and the residents.  We know your local businesses

Avoiding accidents is not promised to you or anyone else.  So, don’t delay.

Be prepared for life’s misfortunes. Complete the Optical Store Insurance Quote Form now.

You can also call 410-647-1111 . Let the professionals at Huff Insurance forge a shield of protection over you and your Optical business.

Because at Huff Insurance, We Love, Respect and Protect our Clients