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Landscaper Insurance

Landscapers: Are You Looking to “Cut” Your Landscaper Insurance Premiums?

Landscapers should consider Huff Insurance for your landscaper insurance protection.
Imagine walking out to get in your truck and finding your trailer gone.   And it contained all of your lawn mowers, trimmers, and equipment!
What would that do to your business? Do you want to pay for this or have the insurance company pay for it?Landscaper Insurance, Pasadena MD

Landscaping and lawn care services vary on the services that they offer.

At Huff Insurance we can handle all of your landscaping insurance needs including:

  • Lawn maintenance activities
  • Excavation
  • Pavers and retaining walls
  • Tree removal
  • Snow plowing

Other landscaping operations that we can insure include:

  • Hardscaping
  • Landscaping design
  • Landscape maintenance at a golf course or office, including irrigation system installation and maintenance.

Here at Huff insurance we match the program to meet your individual landscaping business needs.

Imagine cutting the grass and a rock flying up and hitting a car parked nearby or worse, a small child.  Liability claims from lawn maintenance jobs can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Which is why you need general liability insurance coverage.  Liability coverage will provide you protection for property damage and bodily injury that you cause to others. It is crucial that your business has this coverage.

In addition to the liability coverage we can also offer pesticide and herbicide application pollution coverage.  It is not automatically included and must be added by an endorsement to the policy.  If you are hauling and applying pesticides, you need a pollution liability policy in the event there is a leak of the chemicals or they spill out of a vehicle after an automobile accident.

We also have markets that can provide errors and omissions coverage for tree trimmers in case they remove the wrong tree.

Your liability insurance should include voluntary property damage and/or property of others in the care, custody and control of the insured.   Not all policies include this valuable coverage, so check with your agent.
And, make sure it covers damage to work performed by subcontractors.

What else is needed in a landscaper insurance program?

In addition to general liability coverage you need to consider coverage for your tools and equipment.  This is referred to as inland marine coverage. It is extremely inexpensive.  For $10,000 in equipment coverage the cost is usually less than $250 per year.  Replacement cost or actual cash value coverage will be offered dependent on the age of your equipment,. With so much of your equipment at either one job site, or one vehicle or trailer it is very easy to have a large loss and huge out of pocket expense if you do not have this protection.

Also, landscapers need to have a commercial auto insurance policy to cover their vehicles and trailers. The liability insurance from your auto insurance may extend to some trailers automatically depending on their gross vehicle weight.  But there is no coverage on the trailer itself for comprehensive or collision unless it is listed on the policy.

No landscaper insurance program is complete without workman’s comp insurance.  Huff Insurance also has several carriers that will coordinate the workers comp insurance with your payroll company to allow “pay as you go”.  We recognize that your landscaping business is very seasonal.  Therefore, your payrolls will vary during the policy year.  That is why “pay as you go” is an ideal choice for all landscapers and lawn care professionals.  When your payroll is at it’s lowest that is when your workers compensation insurance premium is at the lowest. This option for workers compensation insurance allows you better cash flow to your business.

We can provide risk engineering services for your landscaping business, which could include:

  • Tips for creating a fleet safety program
  • Tips for managing contracting risk exposures such as completed operations exposures and securing job sites and equipment
  • Access to safety training

We at Huff Insurance are here to assist you with your landscaper insurance.  Whether you are providing lawn maintenance services to lawn engineering services, we can help!

We also provide coverage for Lawn Sprinkler Installers as well as Tree Trimmers and Snow Removal Contractors.

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