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Vacation Home Insurance

Do you have a secondary or vacation home?

Is the vacaton home properly protected and insured?

Vacation Home Insurance, Secondary Home Insurance, Huff InsuranceYour secondary home is where you go to relax and to get away from your troubles.  Don’t let the vacation home insurance stress you out.

Finding the best vacation home insurance and secondary home insurance are things that Huff Insurance can help you with.

Have a home down the ocean or a home in the mountains for skiing or hunting? Either way Huff insurance is here to help you fint the best insurance options for your needs.

Vacation homes provide their own set of unique challenges. You are not there all the time, therefore something small like a broken pipe, can cause a huge amount of damage before it is noticed.

Your secondary home is there to help you remove stress not increase it because you find anyone to insure it. Your vacation home could be a single family home, a condominium, a cottage on the lake or a cabin in the woods. Either way, Huff insurance wants to help give you choices.

Are you renting out your vacation home for part of the year?

We can help you with that too. We just need to know so that we provide the proper Vacation Home Insurance.  It is understandable that owners of vacation or secondary homes may rent it for part of the year, in order to help pay for and justify the additional expenses.

When you are insuring your vacation home you need to consider both property insurance coverage for the building and contents and liability insurance coverage for the premises.

Although, you might not have as many items at the secondary home than at your primary, they still add up quickly Don’t rely on the contents coverage from your primary home to be enough, it only extends 10% of the coverage limit to another residence premises.

Also, depending on where the vacation home is located you may have a boat, ATV, snowmobile or jet ski that you keep at the property. These items require their own unique insurance coverage and need to be insured separately. Maybe you have a car garaged at the premises for easy access when you come and visit. You also need to discuss with the agent if these items are going to be available to others that are renting or staying at the premises. We can help you with all of these items as well. Since, Huff Insurance is a full service insurance agency we can offer you options for all of your insurance coverage needs.

When you have a vacation home there are some things that you can do to help reduce the insurance costs:

  • Install a central station burglar and fire alarm.  So if something happens the police and fire department are notified right away
  • Turn the water off to the home every time you leave.  That way if a pipe does break, the damage will be minimal
  • Maintain the heat on the home.  Even if it is set to 55 degrees in the winter to prevent freezing pipes and systems from seizing up.
  • Having someone locally that can regularly check on the premises.  Either a paid property manager or a neighbor that has all of your contact information if there is an issue.
  • Take precautions during storms, like hurricanes and blizzards to be sure that the property is secured and prepared.

Maryland has a lot to offer from the ocean, to the bay to the mountains.

Even if you are a full time resident in Maryland, having a secondary home in another part of the state is common.

Contact Huff Insurance to insure your primary, and secondary home as well as your other insurance needs.

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