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FR19 Insurance Verification Request

Do You Need An FR19 for insurance verification? 

Do you have an FR19 request for a vehicle that is insured with Huff Insurance?  You can simply fill out the request form below and one of our account managers will process your request online with the state.  Once it is processed, we will notify you if the case is closed successfully or it needs more of your attention.

We will have the request processed within 8 business hours.  If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to call us at 410-647-1111.

To understand why you may have received the FR19 request, check out our blog titled: What is an FR19 and why does the MVA need it?

**Please note that we can only process an FR19 if the vehicle is or was insured through Huff Insurance on the date that the state is requesting the verification.  If the vehicle was insured elsewhere at that time, please contact your prior insurance agent or carrier to get your FR19**

Fill out my online form.


Here is a sample of what your FR19 request may look like from the state.  In Maryland, the header may also read Insurance Verification Request / Suspension Warning.

The state will use the more intimidating wording in order to get you to act faster to get them the verification.  Most of the time, these cases can be closed quickly.  So there is no reason to get upset if you get one of these notices.  Let your Huff Insurance protection team know you have this FR19 request and we will take it from there.

Maryland FR19 Insurance Verification Request Form

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