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Photographer Insurance

Photographer Insurance in Maryland

Maryland Photographer Insurance, Pasadena Photography Business Insurance, Huff Insurance Pasadena MDFrom your studio space to your brand new high-tech camera, powerful drones, and other high-tech equipment, you have invested a lot in your profession. Don’t risk having it all taken from you in a flash. Make sure you have the right photographer insurance for your business!  Don’t  let the wrong photography business insurance plan stop your business from developing!

Do you use a drone in your photography business?

If you do use a drone, you should let your insurance agent or company know.

Drones and their liability are typically excluded from the standard photography business insurance policies.  We do have a great photographer insurance program that includes drone insurance coverage.

To learn more about drone insurance, check out Nancy’s blog “Is a drone covered on my business insurance policy?”

Huff Insurance is here to provide you with a well written photographer insurance policy.  It will be designed for the needs and objectives of your photography business. It will be built to ensure there will be no weaknesses in your coverage that will cause you to lose your business, or more.

You may not be fully aware of the important insurance coverages that are needed in a solid Photography Business Insurance plan.

Here are just a few examples where a great photographer insurance plan would help protect your business:

  • If you have at least one other employee you are required by law to have workers compensation insurance.  Let’s say that other employee was assigned to take sunset photos of the Maryland bay bridge.  He finds himself on a dangerous spot trying to get the perfect shot from a rock jetty. He falls on the rocks and breaks his ankle. Your Photography business is liable for your employee’s injury.
  • What if you just got done filming and recording a wedding with your crew. You are now going to lunch with your team and you leave the windows down in your companies van. And when you come out of the restaurant, you realize that the van has been stolen. You not only are responsible for your van and your employees property, if there was any, in the van, but all of the wedding pictures and footage are now GONE! Plus, thousands of dollars of your photography equipment is gone as well. You would have to carry business auto insurance to cover the van AND you would have to carry business property insurance for the equipment, and profit liability insurance for the lost footage and pictures.
  • What if you have your computer and your cameras and all your other equipment you will need for a shoot tomorrow charging, and there is a thunderstorm and power surge in your house. Which then damages or destroys all of your equipment. Other than missing the shoot the next day you are left with all of this unusable equipment that either needs to be fixed or replaced. If you had equipment breakdown insurance, your equipment would have been covered and you would have been able to get replacement equipment. Business income insurance would also cover you and your employees for the time you can’t do any shoots while you are waiting on new equipment, repairs, or installing new software on them.

Unfortunately these incidents don’t let you know ahead of time when they are going to happen. That is why the only way you can fully protect yourself from all of the dangers you face as a photographer. There are many more coverages for many other scenarios that we would be happy to discuss with you to better protect yourself.

To cease worrying about this, contact Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland today. It is our business to take care of your protection gaps and to reduce your photographer insurance costs. The more you create a safe, minimal risk environment, the more money you can save on your insurance costs.

Huff Insurance

Huff Insurance. a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent, has provided Photography Business Insurance in Pasadena Maryland since 1960.

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