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Auto Glass Repair Shop Insurance

Is your auto glass shop insurance coverage shattered?

Auto glass shops may have a physical location but a great deal of their repair work is mobile.  The mobility of your operation increases you automobile exposure, employees may drive hundreds of miles a day going from vehicle to vehicle.  Installing proper loss prevention measures such as defensive driving programs for employees, vehicle safety checks, regular vehicle maintenance schedules and reviewing driver’s driving records on a regular basis will help keep your claims low and will lower your overall insurance costs.

When your business is mobile you can not afford to have a vehicle out of order due to an accident or other physical damage claim therefore you need to have a  commercial auto liability policy.  The other concern for a mobile business are the tools and glass that are on the vehicle.  What happens if you are heading to a job site and your employee is driving in the rain on 695 in Baltimore. Suddenly he has to slam on his brakes and in order to avoid hitting the car in front he slams into a jersey wall, causing the three windshields in the back of the van to crack and break.  You only then discover the damage to the glass is not covered by your auto carrier.  Working with Huff Insurance we can discuss how to cover the glass so that it does not get paid out of your pocket.

With the mobility of your operation you also have the additional exposure of employees getting injured while working, this could lead to increased claims and then premiums for you to have to pay.   Having an employee out on workman’s compensation injury can be a strain on a small business.  Establishing return to work programs and drug free workplaces will allow you to take advantage of discounts as well as reducing downtime if their is a claim.

Auto glass repair facilities need commercial property, general liability, worker’s compensation, garage keeper’s coverage, employment related practices, crime and data breach liability.  Huff insurance has the ability to provide you with all of the coverage to fulfill your needs.   Contact Huff Insurance at  410-647-1111 or fill out the quote request form on this page for more information.