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Paving Contractor Insurance

Protecting your liability, equipment, vehicles and employees is key to a comprehensive paving contractor insurance package.

Paving Contractor Insurance from Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland

The Maryland summer is especially hot and humid when you are laying asphalt.  At Huff Insurance we don’t want you to get hot about your paving contractor insurance protection.

You need to have an agent that is familiar with you unique needs.   Asphalt contractors have special needs because of their mobile equipment, trailers and pollution concerns.  Huff insurance has carriers that specialize in writing driveway and parking lot paving contractors.

Is your equipment insured for replacement cost or actual cash value, which takes into consideration depreciation?

This simple loss valuation could be the difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket.  Recently, one of our contractors in Severn, Maryland had a trailer stolen which had a bobcat and paving roller on it.  Someone simply pulled their truck up and drove off with our business owners equipment.  The claim amounted to over $30,000 and would have been financially devastating to the business if he didn’t have insurance coverage.

If you are paving and back the roller into a car; is this covered by your general liability or your commercial auto insurance?  Has your agent discussed this with you? If not you may have an uncovered loss.

Paving contractors are using a product that is considered a pollutant.  Has your agent discussed the exposures of pollution liability associated with asphalt?  What if a vehicle with asphalt overturns? What if runoff from a job site causes asphalt to run into the Chesapeake bay?  Smoke can be carried to adjacent properties on a windy day.

Workers compensation insurance coverage is a huge expense for asphalt contractors.

There a lot of exposure to injury for the employees.  Injuries can come from burns and chemical applications to breathing difficulties from the smoke and fumes to hernia, back injuries and sprains from the lifting.  Safety meetings and adherence to quality control processes can help meditate some of these injuries and help you keep your expenses down.

The auto insurance exposure for paving contractors is also huge.

You have heavy and extra heavy trucks on the road, pulling your equipment.  You have to be concerned over liability coverage, what would normally be a fender bender with two private passenger vehicles, could end up being a devastating accident with life long injuries when it involves a 45,000 pound vehicle.  Having these larger vehicles also means a great financial investment on behalf of the business and having that asset properly covered is essential.

Paving and asphalt contractors have needs that other contractors may not.  That is why you need to work with Huff Insurance about your paving contractor insurance protection.  Fill out a quote request today or call us at 410-647-1111.

Do You Hire Sub Contractors?

If so, then you need to check out our SUB CONTRACTOR INSURANCE page to see how it could affect your business insurance!  Not knowing could cost you thousands of Dollars.