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Industry Educators Insurance / Trainers Insurance

Are you an educator or trainer that loves teaching others?

Coaching Graphic for Coaching Insurance, Trainer Insurance and Educator InsuranceLet Huff Insurance teach you about the educators insurance plan you need for your sports, wellness, or instructor business.

Industry educators, trainers, and instructors need the right educators insurance coverage so that they continue to do what they love, teach others.   The lesson plan at Huff Insurance is to provide you with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Imagine that you are a personal trainer and during a group session.  Someone complains of a neck issue.  You review them for serious injuries, you help the client leave and resumes class.  A few months later you are sued for professional negligence.   The lawsuit states that your poor instructions caused the neck injury.  Do you have the right insurance for this type of claim?

Your business might be to enhance job skills or provide tutoring services or expand the interests of others in subjects like art, music, dance or sport.

Virtual learning for primary education has now become a part of everyday life.  Instructors providing virtual learning support for grades K-12 in a commercial environment are eligible for insurance protection.

Even if the instructions are 100% online with no owned or leased space, you still need educators insurance

  • Your property is vulnerable to theft or destruction
  • Commercial general liability coverage may be required by contract
  • Personal injury/advertising injury and professional allegations can arise
  • A homeowner’s policy may not respond to a business activity claim

Let us educate the educator to find the right insurance coverage for your specialty educator, trainer or instruction business.

Whether you are giving the instructions virtually or in person or a combination of the two we can plan the most appropriate package for you.

Our insurance plan includes the following coverage:

There are many eligible classes eligible for an educators / trainer insurance plan:


  • Hosting virtual learning classes or home school pods
  • Language instruction
  • Public Speaking
  • Reading instruction
  • SAT/LSAT Courses
  • Tutoring Services

Athletic Training

  • Athletic Instruction
  • Personal Trainers

Hobby Schools

  • Art instruction
  • Cooking Instruction
  • Craft/Hobby
  • Dressmaking Classes
  • Photography Classes
  • Wine Tasting Schools

Job Training

  • Bartending Schools
  • Beauty schools
  • Business/Secretarial/Paralegal
  • Charm/Modeling Schools
  • Computer Training
  • Insurance Training
  • Massage Schools
  • Medical/Nursing classroom instruction
  • Poker/Gambling School
  • Real Estate training
  • Virtual Learning Pods

Performing Arts

  • Dance Schools
  • Drama/Theater training
  • Music Training

If you have an educator, trainer or coach, we can help you with your insurance plan.  Reach out to Huff Insurance at 410-647-1111 today or cop