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Car Wash Insurance

How long will your car wash business last if you can’t wash any cars?

This is just the type of question that the right car wash insurance can address and protect you from.

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And at Huff Insurance, a  Trusted Choice Insurance Agency, we have the local experts that can make sure you have the custom car wash insurance plan that you need.

Suppose that a customer drives their car up to your Millersville, Maryland car wash and mistakenly hits the gas instead of the brake.  And the driver ends up hitting the support wall to the car wash.  Not only is your customer injured, but the wall collapses and your business is closed.

Not to worry the customer’s car insurance coverage will pay to fix your business and your loss of business income, right?

Well if your customer has the state minimum limits as required in Maryland then they have $15,000 property damage.  That is enough, right?   Well if not, then you need to have your own business insurance for your car wash.  Don’t rely on someone else to have the right insurance protection.  Make sure that you do with your car wash insurance.

If your building is damaged or you get tangled in a customer lawsuit, car wash insurance will protect you so that your business will survive.

Huff Insurance, located in Pasadena Maryland,  can provide protection for self-service and full service car washes in Anne Arundel and other Maryland counties.

A comprehensive car wash insurance policy can offer the following coverages:

Thinking of going forward without the right car wash insurance protection?

Don’t! The right business insurance is affordable and a key piece of any successful auto wash business.

You may feel that your auto wash business is already covered by general business insurance. Though this insurance policy may cover damage to your property, the cars that pass through your service each day make your business especially vulnerable and only a auto wash insurance policy can fully protect you.

Maryland Car wash insurance is available to any owner of an car wash facility in order to protect against losses arising from damage to your property or a customer’s property.

Do you offer additional services like pick up or drop off service?  Are you selling products such as food, drink, windshield wiper blades or oil?   Have you talked to your insurance agent about the new products and services you are offering?  Do you have coverage if this product fails or if someone gets ill from the food or drink?  Don’t take a chance with your Anne Arundel County business and call Huff Insurance today to discuss this important coverage.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Don’t let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims–even unjustified ones.
  2. It’s easy to get a no-risk quote right away. Simply fill out this short form and we’ll get back to you within a day with a specific car wash insurance policy suited to your needs.

At Huff Insurance we want to be sure that you have the right coverage at the right price.  Call us now at 410-647-1111