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Maryland Dry Cleaner Insurance

You Dry Cleaners Insurance needs to cover more than just your machines or your pockets may be dry as well. Let us take care of all of your Dry Cleaner Insurance needs today!

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There are many serious hazards that can halt the business of Maryland Dry Cleaners. One of which would be a malfunction to one of your machines which causes a fire and damage to your building and contents inside. If that were to happen to you, would you have the proper Dry Cleaners Insurance in MD?

Now imagine your local Maryland Dry Cleaners business was ruined to the point where it was going to take some time to make the entire operation ready to be open for business again. You would then have needed to purchase loss of income insurance. If you had, it would have had paid for your expenses; continuing operating expenses, while the business was prepping to reopen. If you do not purchase this Dry Cleaner Insurance coverage, all of those expenses will come out of your pocket and you may never open back up again.

Oh and we’re not done. You know all of those expensive suits and dresses in your store at the time of the fire? Yeah, you’re responsible for those also. And, you better hope there wasn’t a bride’s wedding dress in there. Not to mention all the bad publicity your business will get all over the internet. A great Maryland Dry Cleaners Insurance plan will provide protection from all of the dangers your business faces.

And what if that fire, which was started in your building, spread and damaged neighboring buildings, machinery, or businesses. You will be the one held responsible.

Your Dry Cleaners should be looking into General Liability Insurance which would protect your business when employees, products, or services cause harm to other people and their property. Business Property Insurance which would protect the building and its contents is case of a loss due to fire, water pipe burst, or any other unfortunate circumstance. Business Income Insurance as mentioned earlier. Equipment Breakdown Insurance to protect equipment against power surges, mechanical breakdown, burnout, or operator error. Also, if you have any employees, you are required to have Workers Compensation Insurance and we recommend having Employment Related Practices Insurance (EPLI) to protect you against potential employee lawsuits involving discrimination or harassment..

These are just a few of the coverages your Maryland dry cleaners should be looking into obtaining and our agency offers. Disasters do not give a notice before they occur. They can happen at any time, to anyone, anywhere. So be sure your Dry Cleaning business is protected today.

Let Huff Insurance, A Trusted Choice Maryland Independent Insurance Agent, help you understand and protect all of the risks you run and all of the perils your Dry Cleaning business faces. We will do this with a well thought out and executed Dry Cleaner insurance policy designed just for you. Commercial umbrella and Business auto insurance are also available.

Remember that if you purchased your equipment a few years ago, the value of the washers, dryers and pressers have been going up and if you still have them insured for the same value as a few years you may find that there is not enough coverage to replace them if there is a claim.

Huff Insurance

We are a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent located in Pasadena MD and we have protected families and businesses since 1960. We will put together a premiere Dry Cleaners Insurance package for you at an affordable cost.

So, please complete the Dry Cleaners Insurance Protection Savings Form, now. After we receive it, we will contact you, discuss your needs and provide you with no obligation quotes. Before you know it you and your business will be completely protected. Or call 410-647-1111 now to get started!