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Home Based Business Insurance

Does my homeowner’s insurance coverage cover my home based business business?

Homeowners insuranceHome based business insurance from Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland is designed to cover your personal property and your personal liability.  But once your hobby or business is making more than $2000 a year, it is no longer adequately protected by that coverage.  You need a home based business insurance policy.  It will provide coverage for your business property, both on and off your home premises, and provide business liability insurance .

Imagine a representative for Pampered Chef has $2,700 in inventory in their home and the inventory is destroyed when a fire damages their home.

Picture a teacher that tutors children in math throughout the year. Imagine that a student trips and falls at the teacher’s home resulting in injuries of $42,000.

How about your crafts that you sell throughout the year at craft shows? What if an attendee slips over the display and falls into the neighboring booth causing $10,000 in injuries and $2,500 in damaged inventory at the booth next door?

After these events take place it not the time to discover that you don’t have the proper protection with just your homeowners insurance policy.

You need to be properly insured your home based business now with Huff Insurance.

The insurance premium for home based business insurance is less than $300 per year on average.  With premiums this low you cannot afford not to have your home based business covered?

All types of home based businesses can be insured  such as:

  • Direct Sales  (Avon, Pampered Chef,  Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Cookie Lee or Leas Sophia, Tupperware to name a few)
  • Services such as accounting, tutoring,  appraisal services, barber/beauticians, clowns/magicians , DJ’s, and interior decorators
  • Person to Person  Sales such as Energy  or manufacturer’s representative
  • Retail sales such as antique shops, bakeries, computer sales, furniture , glassware, collectibles, etc.  (whether done in person or over the internet on sites such as Ebay, Craig’s List, Amazon, etc.).

Home based business insurance coverage is designed for small, home based businesses with exposures that are either limited or excluded by the standard homeowner’s insurance policy.  Traditionally the standard homeowner’s policy only provides $2,500 of business personal property at your home and $500 away from home.  And home insurance does not provide any business liability insurance coverage.

Our products offer:

To be eligible for a home based business insurance policy:

  • Gross annual sales up to $500,000
  • Businesses with no more than 1 employee in addition to the owner
  • No more than 2 business claims in past 3 years
  • Will consider businesses that are a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation

Huff Insurance is here to help protect your business by having the correct protection.  Having the proper in home business insurance is critical to your business survival.  Do you currently have this protection?

Here are two reasons to get started right now with Huff Insurance:

  1. Make sure that you and your employees are protected from lawsuits that could close your business.
  2. Get started right away with a no-risk quote. Just fill out the short form above, and we’ll get back to you with an insurance policy that offers you full protection.

To ensure that you have the right coverage you need, please fill out the quote request form above or contact Huff Insurance at 410-647-1111

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