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Food Manufacturer and Food Distributor Business Insurance

Maryland Food Manufacturer or Food Distributor Business Insurance

Food manufacturer insurance | Cupcake Manufacturer conveyor beltAs a food manufacturer or food distributor you have significant spoilage risks.  Is your food manufacturer or food distributor business insurance plan going to stop your business from spoiling?

What happens if there is a power failure for your refrigerated units or if there is mechanical breakdown.  

How would this affect your business?

Not just the loss of product, but the failure to meet deadlines, and the loss of business income.   Do you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your business?

Do you have coverage for loss of income for the downtime of the vehicle?  Not all policies will even offer this as an option on their business income coverage.

The food industry has significant insurance exposures that need to be addressed that is why you need an insurance partner with a program designed for your business.

Food Manufacturers potentially have significant auto fleets if they are distributing the products as well as well as the spoilage and refrigeration risk ana the risk of limited sprinkler system effectiveness at mitigating loss to food products and product withdrawal expense.

Examples of Food Manufacturers include, but are not limited to

  • Dry Food Manufacturers and Distributors, including pasta, dough, flour, cookies, crackers, cereal, potato chips and nuts
  • Frozen food manufacturers and distributors
  • Meat, fish, poultry or seafood processors and distributors
  • Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors, including soft drink, bottled water, breweries and wineries and their distributors
  • Canneries including fruits and vegetables, dog and cat food
  • Commercial and Retail Bakeries
  • Food and Vegetable Distributors
  • Grocery Distributors
  • Dairy Products Manufacturers and Distributors, Including ice cream, butter, cheese and milk

If you are a distributor for the food industry your insurance plan needs to consider the following as well:

  • Auto fleet and the different types of vehicles including box trucks, tractor trailers and refrigerated trucks
  • The spoilage at the warehouse and in transit
  • Liquor liability coverage if distributing alcoholic beverages

Some key insurance coverages that you need for your business

Food manufacturers and food distributors have some unique insurance needs.  That is why you need to work with an insurance agent to put together a plan for your business.

What happens to your business if your product must be recalled?

Can you afford to the expense to recall the product?

Do you have this coverage for your business now with a sufficient limit of coverage?

At Huff Insurance we have provided Maryland convenient store insurance for retailers in Pasadena since 1960.

To start to realize savings on your insurance, complete the Food Manufacturer/Distributor Form today.

You will be contacted by a food industry insurance professional at Huff Insurance. After a brief discussion of your needs and objectives, we will craft an insurance program customized for your establishment. There will no protection gaps and we will begin plans to keep your insurance costs low immediately!