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Nail Salon Insurance

Is It Time To Polish Your Nail Salon Business Insurance?

You are most likely here because you are either opening a new nail salon and are looking for help.  You have a policy now that either the service or coverage is not meeting your needs, or, you just want to see if we can help you save money. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you with your Maryland Nail Salon Insurance needs.

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Suppose you are doing a waxing and the customer has a skin reaction to your wax and sues you?

Or what if you have a customer that becomes ill from the chemicals used in a manicure?

Is your coverage adequate to cover these losses?

Being without insurance coverage for these types of losses, is like playing Russian Roulette with your business.  One lawsuit can put you out of business and, if your business is not set up properly, can cost your your personal assets as well.

A nail salon can offer a wide array of services beyond manicures and pedicures, to include waxing, facials, makeup and massage to name a few.

Having a great insurance company that is familiar with all your exposures is crucial to your success.  And we have great insurance companies at Huff Insurance.

Nail Salon Business Insurance coverages that you should consider are:

In addition, nail salons rely on their websites to generate new clients. These websites also allow clients schedule appointments and review a salon’s lists of services. Loss of use of your website because of any of the following could cause you to have a financial loss:

  • Off premises website and Internet service interruption
  • Denial of service attack in which a website is maliciously flooded with junk mail
  • Web site vandalism (commonly referred to as hacking)

Having the proper Nail Salon Insurance in Maryland for these types of events is crucial for your business survival. Do you currently have this protection?

Here are two reasons to get your Nail Salon Insurance started right now with Huff Insurance:

  1. Make sure that you and your employees are protected from lawsuits that could close your business.
  2. Get started right away with a no-risk quote. Just fill out the short form above, and we’ll get back to you with an insurance policy that offers you full protection.

To ensure that you have the Nail Salon Business Insurance coverage you need, please contact Huff Insurance at 410-647-1111

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