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Maryland Florist Insurance

Florists Insurance In Maryland Covers A Wide Array Of Your Business’s Needs

Can you image not having power for the 2 days before Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day? Without refrigeration what would happen to your flowers? Does your current Florist Insurance program provide coverage for renting a refrigerated truck? What about the cost to expedite more flowers to you? The loss of business could be devastating but what about the loss to your reputation? The proper Maryland Florists Insurance plan will help you with these.

Huff Insurance, MAryland Florist Insurance, Pasadena MD

Having the right Flower Shop Insurance in Maryland is vital to your business. Is an off premises power failure or spoilage of your flowers covered by your current insurance package? Not sure? That is why you need to speak with the Huff Insurance Team.

Operating a florist business means that you not only need to consider the commercial property and general liability concerns of your business, but also workers compensation and commercial auto coverage. Having driver safety programs and Safe Lifting Techniques are way to reduce losses and save on your Maryland Florist Insurance costs. Loss reduction and prevention procedures allow you to get the most competitive rate on your insurance coverage.

Florists have a peak season where their inventory is either 25-50% more than usually on hand. Does your current Florist Insurance program consider these peaks seasons and provides additional coverage? The specialized Florists Insurance plan recommended by Huff Insurance provides increased coverage for these peak seasons.

When thinking about your Maryland Flower Shop Insurance, here are some of your coverage needs:

Huff Insurance wants to partner with you for your business needs and protecting your flower shop is our concern. Contact us today by completing the Flower Shop Insurance quote request form on this page or contact us at 410-647-1111