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Convenience Store Insurance

Stop Spending So Much on Convenience Store Insurance!

As a convenience store owner, you might think that you biggest exposure to loss is someone falling in your store or parking lot or theft or damage to your stock, inventory or building.  Those are all valid concerns.  So you need to have the best convenience store insurance to protect your business.

One thing that you may not have considered is employee theft.

As a retail store owner in Anne Arundel County, shoplifting is a known cost of doing business, but only savvy business owner are concerned with employee theft.  Suppose an employee takes $50 a week out of the cash register. Not a big deal, right?  Well consider that they do this for a year, well now that is over $2.500 but lets consider that they do this for 5 years, now you are over $10,000 or 10 years you are over $25,000.  Do you still think it is not a big deal?

As a convenience store operator, what could hurt even more are:

  • Protection gaps: This is where a portion of your operation is unprotected. This could cost you your store.  Do you have glass coverage?  What about theft coverage?
  • Not having enough coverage:  You purchase your stock and inventory over time, so many times store owners underestimate the cost to go buy it all at one time, and at the time of a loss find out that there is a portion of the claim that is underinsured.
  • Spending too much on insurance: This is a waste of your hard-earned dollars.  Make sure that you are getting all of the discounts that are available.

To cease worrying about this, contact Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland today. It is our business to take care of your protection gaps and to reduce your insurance costs.  We will find you the right convenience store insurance package for your needs.

First, we will review your business operations including any recent services you are offering.

For example, if you just added an outdoor produce market or a propane gas tank exchange to your store, we will make sure they are adequately protected.

What has changed in your business?

Has your agent talked to you about it?

Second, we will help you structure safety procedures designed to reduce the risks of how you provide your products to your customers. Our expertise includes knowledge and programs in preventing employee theft, creating a safety-oriented workplace and ensuring OSHA compliance, among others. By installing alarm systems, cameras, having good cash handling processes and well maintained premises can all result in lower insurance cost and fewer claims.

The more you create a safe, minimal risk environment, the more money you can save on your insurance costs.

Types of insurance that your convenience store may need:

Huff Insurance

At Huff Insurance we have provided  convenience store insurance for retailers in and around Pasadena, MD since 1960.

To start to realize savings on your  insurance, complete the Convenience Store Insurance Quote Form today.

You will contacted by a convenience store insurance professional at Huff Insurance. After a brief discussion of your needs and objectives, we will craft an insurance program customized for your establishment. There will no protection gaps and we will begin plans to keep your insurance costs low immediately!