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Maryland Daycare Insurance

Do you have the right Daycare Insurance?

Do you have an in-home daycare? Or store front daycare? WE CAN HELP YOU.

If you are looking for Great MD Daycare Insurance, you came to the right spot.

Huff Insurance, Daycare Insurance, Childcare Insurance, Pasadena, MD

Maryland Day Care owners have many concerns

  • Loss of a child’s life
  • The loss of their business income
  • Damage, theft, or loss of their physical property
  • and the loss of their reputation

The right daycare insurance plan can address all of these issues.

Being a child care provider is very stressful whether you are operating the daycare in your home or in a separate building. A minor claim can destroy your reputation and your future business earnings. That is why it is crucial that you have the right childcare insurance coverage.

Daycare and Childcare businesses can be any of the following:

  • in-home daycare
  • storefront daycare center
  • homework help center
  • after school care center
  • evenings and weekend program
  • head start program

When we ask daycare owners what is their number one concern, frequently we are told it is “injury to a child that I am taking care of”.

Children can be injured in a number of ways:

  • a fire
  • a car accident
  • allowed to leave with a non-custodial parent
  • a simple injury on a playground

Is your current insurance package providing you with the protection for all of these situations?

Maryland Daycare Insurance & Maryland Childcare Insurance Coverage!

Day Care Providers need an insurance plan that provides coverage for:

  • Property Insurance– to cover the building and/or business personal property coverage, as well as valuable papers
  • Liability insurance coverage both on and off premises liability to cover field trips
  • Abuse and Molestation insurance coverage
  • Business Income Insurance coverage– for your loss of income because of a covered loss
  • Non owned and Hired auto insurance coverage– Covers field trips if parents are allowed to take other children in their personal vehicles or if vehicles are rented in the business name
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage – for you and your employees
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage – especially for accredited facilities
  • Corporal Punishment Coverage– coverage in the event that a child is spanked or even alleges that they were spanked
  • Accident coverage– Primary or excess accident health insurance with an accidental death rider if the child was injured while in your care
  • Crime Insurance coverage to cover money & securities both on and off premises and forgery coverage
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage
  • Data Breach Coverage– especially if all of your records are kept on a computer system in the event that it is stolen or hacked
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage– to provide higher limits of liability protection

How to protect your Child Care Business?

  • Meet with a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent at Huff Insurance to discuss your daycare insurance and your individual needs and concerns
  • Make sure that you have procedures for check in & check out
  • Make sure ID’s are checked and paperwork about custody information is kept up to date and maintained
  • Review driving records prior to all field trips for all drivers, whether it is parents or employees. And make sure that a minimum limit of automobile liability is maintained.
  • Have regular fire drills- for both staff and kids
  • Make sure all allergies are documented and that all staff is aware of those allergies

Huff Insurance – Your Daycare Insurance & Childcare Insurance Experts!

This is just a sampling of the loss control measures that can be taken by childcare providers to reduce the number of claims.

At Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland, we have multiple carriers that specialize in insuring Daycare / Childcare centers. All of these insurance carriers have special programs and understand the risks of childcare centers. Give Huff Insurance a call today at 410-647-1111 or simply fill out a quote request.

Don’t buy an off the shelf policy, your daycare center is too important to have it insured with someone that does not understand your needs.