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Funeral Home Insurance

As a funeral director you listen to your customers with care and compassion.  Don’t you want a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent for your Funeral Home Insurance that does the same for you?

Huff Insurance has offering funeral home insurance and funeral directors insurance in Maryland since 1960.   Funeral homes have unique risks and challenges that affect your businesses.

What if you a family that desires to have their beloved family member wear their wedding ring during the viewing?  The funeral director accepts the ring as part of the personal belongings inventory.  Then it is discovered during the viewing that the ring is missing.  In reviewing the security video it is discovered a funeral home’s own employee stole the ring.  How would your current funeral home insurance program respond?   Do you know?

Now imagine that your database is hacked or an email is intercepted that contained personal information regarding a decedent or their family.  Does your funeral home insurance program provide the coverage to notify your customers of a breach or the potential data breach?  The cost to notify can be over $70 per customer.  So if you have 1000 customers, the notification cost would be over $70,000.  Is your current Funeral Home Insurance package providing you with this valuable Cyber Liability Insurance / Data Breach Insurance?

As a Funeral home you have a wide array of general liability insurance coverage options that you need to be concerned about:

  • Premises Liability Insurance— Funeral homes have families coming on to your premises daily, what is there is a slip or fall in the building or the parking lot?  Is your current liability insurance protection sufficient to cover these types of incidents?To help reduce the likelihood of these claims we recommend that you:
    • Keep the premises clean of debris and make sure all flooring is kept in excellent condition.
    • Make sure that walkways are clear of leaves, snow and ice
    • Inspect all equipment to be sure that it is in good working order
    • Train employees how to daily inspect the premises and to handle injuries if they would occur
    • Immediately clean up spills inside of the building and have “Wet Floor” signs readily available should one occur.
  • Personal & Advertising Injury Insurance— On your website and publications to the local newspapers, you are distributing personal information about where people reside, family members, past activities and places that they worked.  In addition, you have a website or advertising materials that may portray your funeral home’s services in a manner that over-estimate your services or expertise.  Either of these examples can bring on allegations or claims to your business.
  • Off Premises Liability Exposure– Funeral Homes have off premises risks at the burial sites or off premises funeral locations, such as Churches, Fraternity Organization Halls, etc..   Injuries or property damage can occur at these locations.  Will your Funeral Home Insurance program provide coverage for these locations?  If you don’t know, give us a call.

In addition, to the liability risks, there are several other risks that you need to consider to be protected for:

  • Building Insurance Coverage—To protect your building and permanently attached equipment.  Make sure that all buildings on the premises are listed; many times there are additional garages on the premises that house the limos or hearses.
  • Business Personal Property Insurance Coverage– to cover your personal property, stock and equipment
  • Outdoor Signs Insurance— Signs at a funeral home may be attached to the building or may be stand alone. There may be interior and exterior signs as well.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance– to cover mechanical breakdown of the electrical, plumbing and heating systems of the building
  • Off Premises Power Failure Insurance— Off premises power failure can cause damage to your property as well as a loss of business income.  Utility services can include water or electricity.
  • Fidelity Coverage including Employee Dishonesty Coverage- in the event of employee theft from your business or your customer.
  • Computer Insurance Coverage– Provides mechanical breakdown, electrical or magnetic erasure or theft.  This is to provide coverage for the hardware and software.
  • Ordinance and Law Insurance– provides coverage for the building for the increased cost of construction to bring the building up to the new laws and ordinances as well as the demolition of the undamaged portion of the building.
  • Business Income Insurance coverage— To replace your business income after a covered cause of loss
  • Vehicle Insurance–  Funeral Homes have a huge auto liability risks.  Limos and Hearses are very expensive.  So having the proper business auto insurance with the proper liability limits is very important.  Especially since the limos can carry 6 – 10 people.  Can you imaging the liability suit if a full limo is involved in an accident?  10 people will have a phone, so they will all have a lawyer.
  • Business Umbrella Insurance – To provide liability limits above and beyond the limits of your other liability policies.  With the pure number of people that walk through your doors and ride in your vehicles, this extra liability coverage is a must!
  • Workers Compensation InsuranceEmployment Practices Liability Insurance and Employee Benefits Insurance are all needed by funeral homes because you have employees.

Huff Insurance is here to help you with your Maryland Funeral Home Insurance plan.    Please give us a call at 410-647-1111 today or fill out the quote request on this page and one of our protection specialists will be in touch.

Don’t delay! Your business depends on you having the proper protection and we won’t let you down.