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Plumbers Insurance in Maryland

Is There A Leak In Your Plumbing Contractors Insurance Protection?

Plumber Insurance, Huff Insurance Pasadena MDPlumbers Insurance, Huff Insurance Pasadena MD.

As a Maryland plumber you have a lot to be worried about. Which is why you need to make sure that you have a great Plumbers Insurance plan. You have vehicles on the road that could be involved in an accident, you have liability claims from not properly installing pipes or properly insulating them, you have property claims from theft of tools and equipment, or breaking the fixtures that you are installing, and workers compensation claims from employees getting injured on the job. Don’t let gaps in your Plumbers Insurance protection ruin your business.

Recently a plumber was installing a marble sink in a new home. As the plumber was tightening the pipe around the basin the basin cracked. The basin was purchased by the homeowner and the plumber was installing it for them. Most Plumbers Liability Insurance polices exclude items that you are working on and are considered to be in your care, custody, or control at the time they are damaged. However, this plumber was insured with Huff Insurance, so he also had off premises care, custody & control coverage as well as an installation floater. The insurance company paid $12,000 to get a new marble sink to be installed in the home. Could you imagine the financial loss to that business if there was no Plumbing Insurance and this would have to be paid out of the plumbers profits?

At Huff Insurance, a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency, we have markets to write residential plumbers, commercial plumbers, as well as plumbers that do gas fittings and sewer work. This allows us to put together a Plumbing Insurance program that fits your needs.

Plumbers have a lot of equipment and supplies on their trucks, if your truck is stolen your Commercial Automobile Insurance policy will provide protection for the truck, provided you have comprehensive coverage. But, your commercial auto policy will not provide any coverage for the equipment and supplies that were in the vehicle at the time. For most plumbers they have $3,000-$5,000 value of items on their vehicles. What would happen if your truck is stolen? Do you have the coverage you need to not only cover the vehicle but also the tools and equipment inside? Not sure? That is why you need to contact Huff Insurance today.

The Plumbing industry is having a hard time finding experienced employees, therefore having a work place injury, and having a key employee that is out for several weeks or months could be as damaging as an uninsured claim to the business. At Huff Insurance we have information that we share with you about safety in the work place and how to guard against injuries. To help you prevent injuries.

As a Maryland Plumber, we have touched on some of the Plumbers Insurance coverage that your business needs such as:

But there is still more Plumbers Insurance protection that you need: A coverage in your Plumbers Liability Insurance program that is commonly forgotten about until there is a claim, is pollution liability insurance coverage, including mold coverage—Here are some examples of why you need this coverage in your Plumbing Insurance plan.

  1. Development of mold or fungus from water intrusion due to incorrect installations, piping or HVAC errors, wet materials or improper sealing procedures. A standard Plumbers Liability Insurance package would not cover this.
  2. Failure to properly locate underground utilities and pipelines may cause plumbing contractors to strike the line and cause leakage. Leakage can result in explosion or release of fumes.
  3. Plumbing systems and process piping can generate significant amounts of waste materials that are often insulated with asbestos. Releases of asbestos can occur during onsite storage prior to disposal or at the disposal site.
  4. Installation, retrofit, or repair of circuits may cause disruption of asbestos ceiling tile or insulation of heating plant piping
  5. Extensive waste water contamination of soils and groundwater can occur if demolition operations or plumbing installations and renovations are done without completely disconnecting sewer lines.

These are just a few examples of scenarios that would most likely not be covered under the standard Plumbers Liability Insurance plan.

Also, if you have employees do not forget about the need for the following coverages which are usually not included in the standard Plumbers Insurance packages:

Here are two reasons to act now and get the proper Plumbing Insurance!

  1. Don’t go out to another job site without knowing if you have coverage for your tools and equipment on your truck and items that you are installing they are damaged.
  2. It’s easy to get a no-risk quote for Plumbers Liability Insurance. Simply fill out the short form on this page or you can contact Huff Insurance by calling 410-647-1111.

Take care of your Plumbing Insurance protection today; delaying could cost you thousands in an uncovered claim.

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