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Insurance Pricing

Insurance Pricing from Huff Insurance in Pasadena MD

Pricing an insurance policy is very unique and individualized.  What this means that your insurance pricing will not be the same as your neighbor’s.  Even if you have the same  style home and cars, your  auto insurance and home insurance pricing can be very different than that of your neighbor.

The same is true for Business Insurance. Two similar businesses can have different insurance pricing.

There can be thousands of rating tiers in today’s insurance company pricing models.

Thre are also external facttors that can affect insurance premiums.  These factors can include:

  • Inflation
  • Increased Wages
  • Supply Chain Interruptions or Delays
  • Naturan Disasters
  • Government Regulations
  • Etc.

Check out our blog below on this very issue:

Why Are Insurance Rates Going Up So Much?

Insurance Pricing MUST Be Approved By The Sate’s Insurance Commissioner

Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies cannot just charge whatever they want for their insurance policies.

Insurance companies must file their rates and get approval from the state’s insurance commissioner for their insurance pricing.

Some states require that the rates are fully approved prior to the insurance company using the rates for their insrurance policies.

Other states have a “file and use” regulation.  This means the insurance company file their rates with the insurance commissioner and start using their filed rates prior to the actual approval of the rates.  If the commissioner approves the rates, they continue.  If the commissioner does not approve the rates or makes the insurance company make rate adjustments, the company must those adjustments for policies in force under the modified rates and for new policies moving forward.

What Can Affect The Cost Of Your Insurance?

Auto Insurance Pricing Factors: 

In addition to the above items, the following factors can affect the cost of your auto insurance (See our blog titled – How are Auto Insurance Rates Calculated?)

  • Age
  • Gender (in some states)
  • Marital Status
  • Driving Record
  • Type Of Vehicle (Not the color.  Don’t believe the myth red cars do not cost more to insure…)
  • Vehicle Use
  • Annual Mileage Driven
  • Coverage Selections
  • Deductible Selections

There are also discounts that can be available for your auto insurance.  Check out our blog titled – Available Discounts Can Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Home Insurance Pricing Factors:

Here are additional factors that can affect the cost of your homeowners insurance rates:

  • Replacement Value Of Home
  • Age And Construction Of The Home
  • Distance From Fire Department (determines fire protection class)
  • Coverage Selections
  • Deductible Selections
  • Roof Condition
  • Systems Updates (electrical, plumbing, etc.)

At Huff Insurance we are committed to helping you find the right insurance coverage at the best price.  We are an independent insurance broker with options for you.

Our experienced, local insurance agents,  take the time to assess your individual needs and develop a policy that fits your budget.