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Maryland Scooter Insurance

Maryland Law Effective October 1, 2012! Scooter Insurance is required.

Maryland Scooter Insurance, Pasadena Scooter Insurance, Severna Park Scooter Insurance, Huff Insurance.At Huff Insurance we want to make you aware that Maryland requires all owners of scooters to obtain liability insurance coverage and to wear helmets and protective eye gear. Now is the time to look into scooter insurance coverage. Scooter insurance liability coverage is usually around $120 per year. Give us a call today at 410-647-1111 for help with your scooter insurance needs.

You may be thinking that your scooter can not cause that much damage.  That may be true, but have you thought about how badly yo can get hurt if someone hits you?

Also, this is a great time to remind everyone, if you own anything that is a motorized vehicle, such as a scooter, ATV, golf cart or Segway, there is no coverage under your homeowners insurance or automobile insurance polices for these items. If you have an accident and someone is injured there will be no insurance coverage unless you have these items insured and specifically listed on a policy,

If you have an ATV, Motorcycle or other motorized vehicles in your garage on your property and it is stolen or damaged there is no coverage under the homeowner’s policy.

If you have any of these items, then please call us at 410-647-1111 to get them individually insured.

Huff insurance wants to protect you, your family, and your business. Call us for all of your insurance needs.

Annual reviews are very important; when you receive an annual review survey or receive a call from our staff, please make sure that you take the time and review your coverage each year. This 15 minute conversation can save you thousands!