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Does Your Insurance Cover You When You Rent And Ride An Electric Scooter?

Electric Scooter Insurance:

Where is the insurance coverage when you are riding an electric scooter?

Close up image of a man on an electric scooter. Electric scooter rentals and electric bike rentals seem to be really popular in the cities these days.  Do you know what liability hazard they pose? Do you know if you have liability insurance while operating the electric scooter or bike?

I was on a business trip to Cincinnati and was amazed by all of the electronic scooters being rented and used around town.   They are touted as an easy way to travel around and see the city.

All of my friends are looking at these scooters and thinking this is cool.  But the insurance agent in me is thinking: where is the liability insurance coverage?

That’s the curse of being an insurance agent.  I see new technology and instead of embracing it, I wonder how to insure it.

Why do you need liability insurance coverage?

Liability insurance coverage is what protects you if you cause bodily injury or property damage to someone else through the use of these electronic devices.

Imagine not stopping in time and running into the side of a car.

Or running over a person on the side walk and causing them injuries.

Where do you think there would be insurance coverage?

Many times, people assume that these electronic devices are a type of vehicle therefore the coverage is on their auto insurance policy.

That assumption would be incorrect as there is no coverage there unless they are specifically scheduled on your car insurance policy.

Then I hear, it must be covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy.

Motorized vehicles are excluded from the homeowner’s insurance policy unless they are used to assist for a handicap.  So an electronic wheelchair would be covered by the homeowners policy.  But a Segway, electric scooter,  or a electric bicycle may not be covered. (Check with your policy and carrier for specifics regarding coverage)

What are you to do if you have an electronic bicycle, scooter, skateboard or a Segway?

  • First – do not assume that you automatically have insurance coverage on one of the above mentioned policies.
  • Second – contact the your insurance agent or one of our qualified insurance agents at Huff Insurance to discuss the electronic device.  We will talk about who is operating it and the purpose of operating it.  Whether for business, pleasure, or to assist with the handicap.  Then we can help advise you of the appropriate insurance coverage.

Can these devices be properly insured?

There are several carriers that offer specialty type electric scooter insurance for these types of devices.

The cost of these policies are relatively inexpensive and the benefits are huge if you are facing an lawsuit.

Not only can these specialty policies provide you with liability insurance, but they can also provide physical damage on the devices.

These policies can be as low as $50 a year.  This is a very small investment for the benefits it provides.

These electronic vehicles can be costly, upwards of a few thousand dollars.  You don’t want to find out that yours is stolen and there is no coverage.  Or worse you have caused injuries to someone and are being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for their medical bills and you have no insurance coverage.

Remember, even if these electronic devices are stolen from your home or damaged at the home there could no coverage for these vehicles under the homeowners insurance policy.

Electronic bikes, scooters and Segways have become very popular modes of  transportation especially for those living in cities.

As the world changes so do your insurance needs.   Make sure that you are speaking with your agent if you have or if you are considering purchasing one of these electronic devices.

Do not be caught without the appropriate insurance coverage if there is a claim.

As always, coverage varies by company and by state.  It is always best to check with your individual insurance agent or company to see if you have appropriate coverage before buying or renting one of these electric devices.

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