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Maryland Umbrella Insurance

They’ll Want More Because You Have More. Protect Yourself With an Umbrella Insurance Policy!

Umbrella Insurance, Huff Insurance, Pasadena MD.An umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide you the extra layer of protection above the limits on you other insurance policies, like your Auto InsuranceClassic Car InsuranceHome Insurance (including Condo Insurance and Renters Insurance), Boat InsuranceJetski InsuranceMotorcycle InsuranceATV Insurance and RV Insurance.
All of these insurance policies can be used to work together and bundled to provide you with the best protection possible.

Not too long ago in Pasadena Maryland, a group of friends left a local bar and headed back to a house where they continued to drink and have fun out by the pool. On of the guys decided to get creative around the pool and try a risky dive into the pool. The problem was that he was doing this in the shallow end of the pool and wound up hitting his head on the bottom of the pool and flown to the Maryland Shock Trauma center where sadly, he passed away. And a lawsuit soon followed against the homeowner.

The homeowner had $300,000 worth of liability protection on his Maryland homeowner’s insurance policy. Do you think this was enough to cover the amount of the lawsuit? Of course it wasn’t. When an accident results in death, the lawsuits can be one million dollars, two million dollars, or even more! And this is where an Umbrella insurance policy will help!

Accidents happen all of the time and so do lawsuits.  In our society, three things work against you:

  • It cost nothing to initiate a lawsuit
  • Juries and judges are unpredictable
  • Defending yourself costs enormous sums of money

Other factors also comes into play. They want more because you have it and they think they deserve it!

If you don’t have the proper insurance in place to cover these disasters, where will the money come from? Well, believe it or not, there could be judgements places against you that could cause you to lose your home and other assets and there could even be a garnishment on you future wages until the judgement is satisfied.

What’s really at stake?

Your family and your daily activities result in lawsuit exposures every day.  Especially consider an umbrella insurance policy if:

  • Your assets are greater than you liability insurance limits
  • You are financially responsible for children
  • You frequently have guests at your property
  • Your residence includes a swimming pool
  • You own watercraft(s) or off road vehicle(s)
  • You own rental or vacation properties
  • You participate in volunteer activities

So think about working for the rest of your life and having 30% of your paycheck taken away to pay for a judgement because you did not have the proper umbrella insurance in place that would have only cost $175 to $400 per year.

Now you need the extra protection via a Maryland umbrella insurance policy.

The Trusted Choice Insurance Agents at Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland will be happy to work with you to make sure that your protection plan is customized to meet your specific needs. Call us today at 410-647-1111 or fill out the Maryland Umbrella Protection Savings form above now!

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At Huff Insurance we have provided umbrella protection for people in Pasadena since 1960. We know how to protect your assets. Now you will too!

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