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Excess Uninsured Motorist Coverage On An Umbrella Insurance Policy

How important is excess uninsured motorist coverage?

What happens if you are hurt in a car accident that is not your fault?

As an insurance agent, I think about this all the time.  But I would guess that most of our clients don’t even consider it.  This is where excess uninsured motorist coverage can come into play.

Did you know that 14% of all drivers in MD don’t have auto insurance and another 38% are driving at the state minimum limits of $30,000 per person?

That means more than 50% of the drivers on the road don’t have more than $30,000 in protection.

So, what happens to you or your family if you are hit and hurt by one of these drivers?

If you have an umbrella policy, so you realize that accidents do happen.    Your umbrella gives you additional protection if you are liable for the accident.

But what happens when the person hits you does not have the proper coverage to handle your injuries and damage?

If you have medical bills, hospital bills, and time off work?

Who pays for that when it was not your fault?

How far is $30,000 going to go towards putting your life back together.

Thirty days of not working or being in a long-term care facility could bankrupt most people.

So, how do we fix this?  

You already have an umbrella policy, now we can add uninsured motorist coverage to the umbrella insurance policy.

This way if you are injured by someone that does not have enough coverage you could collect up to an additional $1,000,000 of protection.

I know what you are thinking, why should you purchase this coverage? You  just sue the negligent driver, right?

Well, that driver might not have any assets to seize.  And although garnishing their wages is punishment to the negligent person, how much is $200 a week going to go to help you with your bills due?

Not to mention that lawsuits take time.  What are you doing in the meantime?  And, you are giving up 30-40% of your settlement to the attorney that is pursuing the lawsuit.

If I were you, I would not want to rely on someone else to provide my family with the coverage we might need.

I want to be sure that my lost wages and medical bills will be taken care of.  Having health insurance is a plus.  But there are still deductibles and copays that would come out of your pocket.  And Medicare does not include long term care coverage if needed.  Plus, your time from work might be coming out of your pocket if you don’t have disability insurance.

So, how do you take care of this? 

You may be able tp purchase excess uninsured motorist coverage on your umbrella policy.   The cost is about $100-$200 per vehicle per year.

That’s expensive you might say.  Well, it shows how much it is used.

You know that you are a good driver, but you know that accidents happen.  Unfortunately, the other people on the road may not be as good a driver as you.

Fill out the form on this page, call the office at 410-647-1111 or email  And tell us that you want to add uninsured motorist coverage to your umbrella policy.

Not all carriers offer uninsured motorist coverage on their umbrella.  So your umbrella pilicy may need to be rewritten to get this option.

Do not delay, call us today.   Accidents happen without calling ahead for an appointment.

We want to take care of you.   Please contact us 410-647-1111.

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