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Car Repair Shop Insurance

Auto Service Center Insurance and Auto Repair Facilities Insurance in Maryland

Is your car repair shop insurance coverage in need of a tune-up?

Car Repair Shop Insurance | Huff Insurance | Pasadena Maryland

Auto service centers, including those that do major engine repair, brakes, transmission or exhaust work need the right car repair shop insurance protection specialized to their needs.

When working on vehicles of others, you need to be concerned that those vehicles and the contents inside are properly protected.

When considering your garage keepers insurance coverage, there are different coverage levels.  Has your agent ever discussed these with you?

Direct primary is the broadest coverage. This coverage  policy pays for the damage to the customers vehicle, regardless of fault, when the vehicle is your care, custody or control.

Other options include direct primary excess coverage which pays only once the customers auto insurance is exhausted.

Then there is a legal liability option that only pays when the repair facility is legally liable in causing the damage to the vehicle.

Understanding the difference in these coverage allows you to personalize your car repair shop insurance protection to what is best for your business.

Auto service centers have concerns for pollution liability and increased property exposure due to flammables (lubricants, oil, de-greaser, and solvents).  There is concerns of these chemicals getting into the air as well as them causing injuries to customers and employees.  Making sure that these components are held correctly in metal containers helps to limit your risk.

And if you do have employees, we can help you with your Workers Compensation Insurance.

A Huff Insurance we understand that needs of auto repair facilities with or without fuel is very unique.

Some businesses are offering towing services, auto club affiliations, pickup or delivery of customers or even temporary rental or loaner cars, along with selling retail products or tools, each requiring tailoring of coverage to the specific needs.

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