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Making Arrangements For Your Insurance Payments During COVID-19 Outbreak

Do you need help with making your next round of insurance payments?

We know these times are tough. We understand that a lot of our clients have been affected by the closures and shut downs. And, we understand this could affect your ability to make your insurance payments.

The Maryland Insurance Administration has requested that insurance companies make reasonable accommodations to those that have been affected by COVID-19  If you feel that you may not be able to make an upcoming insurance payment, contact your insurance company now. They are willing to make arrangements.

Please do not simply skip a payment without calling as this may result in a cancellation of your policy. And please do not wait until a cancellation has been issued or until after the cancellation date.  If you do wait, it may be too late to make arrangements.


How can Huff Insurance help you

We have made the decision to close our lobby to the public, but we are still here for you.  If you are not sure who your insurance company is, feel free to call us or email your account manager to get that information.  If you are unsure of your account manager’s email, you can email us at  We want to make sure you can make the proper arrangements for your insurance payments and help you get through this difficult time.  If we work together, we can make it through this.

Here is a release from the Maryland Insurance Administration regarding insurance payments:

“What should I do if I cannot afford my insurance payment?”

“If you anticipate having trouble paying your insurance premium because of COVID-19 related circumstances, contact your insurance company to discuss your options. The Maryland Insurance Administration has asked insurance companies to make reasonable accommodations in these circumstances. If you are not satisfied with your insurer’s response, contact the Maryland Insurance Administration at 800-492-6116.”

More information and resources regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

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