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Reckless, Aggressive, and Distracted Driving – Just Don’t Do It!

I am often amazed by the reckless driving I see on my way into to the office and from my office which overlooks Ritchie Highway in Pasadena, MD.  So many accidents could be easily avoided.  At Huff Insurance, we handle the “after” effects in our business every day. Which is why we have a claims liaison in our office ready to help you should you be involved in an accident.

So, I thought I’d send you a quick “reminder” this month.  PLEASE … read through this short list of safety reminders.  It won’t take long, and it could save your life!

We drive so much it becomes sub-conscious.  We have all had times that we are driving down the road, get to a point and wonder, wow, how did I get this far?  It happens because we were in a daze or thinking about things other than driving at that moment.

So, let these safety reminders dwell in your sub-conscious, too…

  • Back off.  Odds are, if you can clearly read the bumper stickers on the car in front while moving- you’re too close!  Please reserve the bumper sticker and plate frame reading until for when you are stopped at a light or stop sign.
  • I wish I had the statistic of how many car accidents are rear-ending collisions.  It’s a lot.  I actually see at least one per month right outside of my office window.  I realize in heavy traffic it seems impossible to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.  But try.
  • A safe distance is determined by a 2 second gap – that is, when the driver in front of you passes a road marker, you shouldn’t get there for 2 seconds.  That means the faster you’re going, the bigger the gap between you and the driver in front should be.
  • Slow down.  I know its cliché, but speed kills.  It really does.  Plus, speeding tickets are expensive.  And if an insurance carrier finds out about it – and they do check – you will get a rate increase,too.
  • Put on that seat belt.  Why fight the odds?  Statistics prove that seat belts save lives.  Not to mention in most states being caught without your seat belt on means a hefty fine.  Be safe – put it on!
  • Are you too close to the airbag?  Make sure you’re more than 10 inches from the steering wheel.  If you’re too close, an inflating airbag could hurt or kill you.
  • Pay attention to road conditions … and slow down!  If you lose control of your vehicle on a wet road, you might blame the road, but the cops and the insurance company won’t.  They’ll blame you!  Remember, you’re responsible for controlling the car you’re driving in ALL conditions.
  • Do not text or used a handheld device while driving.
  • Do not drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Check all around before changing lanes.  Never assume another car isn’t there.  Look.  It only takes a few seconds for a car or motorcycle to move into a dangerous position.
  • Be aware of other aggressive drivers on the road and steer clear and DO NOT retaliate.  Let them go on their way.  Do not let them ruin your day.
  • Finally, please do not be one of those aggressive drivers I mentioned above.  The goal is to get to your destination safely.

Of course, there are thousands of safe driving tips, these are just the top ones that I could think of today.  I hope this short list sticks in your sub-conscious mind and keeps you safe.

With schools back in full force, we also need to be aware of the buses and children that are on or near the roads.

From everyone here at Huff Insurance, we thank you for your business and may the roads you travel always be safe ones!

At Huff Insurance,  we have great auto insurance products at great rates!

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Jerry Nicklow

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