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Huff Insurance is different from other insurance agents

How is Huff Insurance different from other insurance agents?

Blog By Nancy Nicklow | What Makes Huff Insurance Different?

The more I learn about the insurance industry the more I see how Huff insurance is different than the rest.

First:  None of our employees are paid on a commission basis.   Our team is given a salary and then has an opportunity to earn a bonus.

Why is this important?

When the Huff Insurance team members are recommending additional coverage, they are doing it because it is what you need!   Not because they are trying to make a few extra dollars this week.

Second: We work in a team approach.   Although we are divided between personal and business departments, anyone in the department is equipped to help you.   Why is this important?

Working in a team means that your file is documented so that anyone else on the team can pick up where the other left off.   This means that we can help you when you need to be helped, even if someone is on vacation.   More than one person helps on your account; therefore, you get the experience of more than one person.

Like I said earlier, our team is not paid on commission.  So having someone else help you is not affecting the compensation of the team member.

Talking to another team member that is available allows you to get service when you want and need it.  And there may be someone else on the team that is better equipped to help, especially if it is for billing or claims questions or servicing.

Third:  We make sure that our team is educated about insurance.  I have been interviewing for the past few months and I am amazed how little people know about the policies that they are selling when they have been licensed for a few years.

Fourth:  Our team takes seriously the responsibility of protecting you.  Therefore, when they make coverage suggestions or ask questions, it is so that they can make sure that the coverage you have matches your needs.

Account reviews are very important

Each year something changes; you get older; the house gets older etc.   We need to reevaluate your exposure as these changes.   We cannot do that when you do not respond to account review requests.

Huff Insurance is different for a reason

We want to meet the needs of our clients as appropriately as possible.

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