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Quarter of Homes Need Fire Update

More than a quarter of homes 10-years or older may require updated fire safety equipment says a new survey.  Old smoke alarms may no longer be up to the task. Or homes may simply have insufficient alarms for their size and shape. The National Fire Protection Association says the average American home should have at least five smoke alarms and that they should be replaced every 10 years. After that,they have almost a one-in-three chance of failure. But according to the study, carried out for a well-known home fire safety equipment maker, we just don’t pay enough attention to our fire safety needs and would far more likely prioritize replacing defective home electronic equipment than safety devices. Twenty percent of survey respondents admitted they had never replaced a smoke alarm in their home. When asked which appliance they would replace if they knew it wasn’t functioning, less than five percent said they would replace their smoke alarm. Is it time to test and replace yours? If so, consider a device with a long-life sealed lithium battery. Newer devices may also combine smoke and carbon monoxide detection, offering double protection in a single unit.

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