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Business Security – Making Your Business More Secure

You’ve probably seen a news report recently about vandalism, burglary or attempted break-in at business premises.

Hopefully, the owners were insured against damage and loss. But getting back to “business as usual” after incidents like these can be a real challenge.  At Huff Insurance, we deal with the after effects of these incidents on a regular basis, helping businesses through the claim process and getting their doors back open as soon as possible.

Because we know, every day, or even every hour a business stays closed, is money out of the business owners pocket.

And even then, sometimes everything just doesn’t feel the same again afterwards, as you feel violated and wonder if or when it will happen again.

These days, thanks to advances in technology, the means for deterring would-be thieves now cost less and are more effective than ever.

What’s more, having a good security system in place can even reduce business insurance premiums, sometimes by as much as 20%, as well as improving peace of mind.

For the most comprehensive protection, perhaps you need to talk to a security specialist, but if your budget doesn’t run to that, there are still plenty of inexpensive things you can do. For example:

  • Install security cameras. These are no longer a big-ticket item. And they range from sets of cameras that you link to a dedicated monitor or recorder, to wireless webcams that can be hooked into your computer network and viewed on a PC screen – even remotely, at your home. The great thing is you can easily add to their location as needed.
  • Set up a simple alarm system linked to intrusion detectors on windows and motion detectors in rooms and passageways. Again, wireless systems are available – though more expensive than wired versions they’re simpler to set up and move around.
  • Install more effective locking systems. Still using that rusty padlock or ancient door lock and key? And remember how easily keys are copied. Any disgruntled employees leave recently? At least consider replacing locks and having a carefully-controlled key management policy in place.
  • Replace your safe. Modern safes are much more difficult to crack open, and more likely to protect valuable documents – as well as money – against fire and flood damage.
  • If you have a cash register in your business, empty it at night and leave the empty drawer open in plain sight of the window.  If a would be thief sees an empty drawer, they may pass you by.

Where security is even more critical, you might want to consider electronic access control, with swipe cards and key codes, automated intrusion alerts linked to police or security firms, and even regular security patrols.

Remember it’s not just that these devices and systems will actually do their own job effectively; it’s also that their very existence will deter would-be criminals from even trying in the first place.

Obviously, you should call in security experts for further advice on these things. But if you’d like to discuss how your insurance and premiums might be affected by improving your business security, do give us a call at 410-647-1111.

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