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Pet Insurance from Huff InsuranceYour pet is part of your family and deserves the protection and care that you would provide to your family.  Pet Insurance can provide that protection!

Using the quote box below, you can get a pet insurance quote and purchase the insurance for your beloved pet.



Do you love your pets like we love our Golden Doodles (Bella and Sport pictured above)? 

Animals are just like family, sometimes better.   We want to protect our pets just like we would protect our kids.

Huff Insurance can offer you insurance to cover your pet’s health and accident insurance through Hartville Insurance.

In addition, Safeco insurance customers can save 10% off their pets’ insurance.

All dogs and cats 8 weeks and older are eligible for coverage.

You have the ability to visit any veterinarian, specialist or emergency clinic for your pet.

Cover your pet from head to tail for accidents and injuries, hospitalizations, emergency visits, dental trauma, surgery, prescriptions and illness.

You can select an annual limit of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 and deductibles can be $100, $250, $500 with reimbursements of 700%, 80% or 90% of eligible charge.

With the pet insurance, you have simple online claims submission, claim tracking and account management and you get direct deposit for your reimbursements.

There is no waiting period for preventative care and accident coverage with the exception of ligament and knee conditions.  Policies are reissued automatically every year on the plan’s effective date.

The Hartville pet insurance plan coverage includes:

  • exam fees
  • diagnostics
  • treatment for accidents such as broken bones, cuts, burns or swallowed objects
  • treatment illnesses such as ear infections, diabetes and cancer
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions like hip dysplasia
  • Behavioral care, such as separation anxiety and aggression

Preventive care can be added to cover vaccines, dental cleanings and screenings.

Contact Huff Insurance today about coverage for your fur baby.

Huff Insurance is a full service independent insurance agency.  We are able to protect your pets, your family and your business.