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Teen Driver Safety Week 2013

Teen Driver Safety Week 2013

In 2007, Congress established the first ever “National Teen Driver Safety Week”, to take place every third week of October. This is due in large part to the fact that motor vehicle accidents are, and have been the leading cause of adolescent deaths. An average of 5,000 teenagers loses their lives in an automobile crash each year, and unfortunately if we do not continue to raise awareness on this matter, it is only going to get worse.

I know you remember the very first day you got your license. How awesome it was to drive a car by yourself, and show off to your friends. Believe it or not you were an inexperienced and teen driver at one point in your life. As you were once educated and learned from your experiences on the road, teen drivers today are doing the same.

As a teen driver myself, and President of the Severna Park High School SADD (Student against Destructive Decisions) club, this week and this topic are very important to me. I strongly believe it is important to educate our youth into making smart decisions, not just while behind the wheel of a vehicle, but at all times.

Teen drivers are the next generation. We are your children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors. I’m sure in some way you know a teen driver, and your life would be affected if that teen driver was killed in an automobile crash. Take the steps to provide your teen driver with safer experiences on the road. I urge you to go to these websites to find out more information on teen driver safety week, and how you can make your teen driver’s driving experience a little safer on the road. Teen driver safety week may officially be one week out of the year, but it is something we need to focus on every day, because every day you should want to make the roads a safer place for your teen driver.

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