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How to make your insurance payment with the mail delays

DO NOT mail your insurance payments!

You should still make your insurance payments.  We just do not recommend making the payments via the mail.

And we STRONGLY advise against using your bank’s online bill pay system to make your payments.  So much so, that Nancy made a special Blog and Video here:

Online Bill Pay Can Cause Issues With Your Insurance Policies

Why not mail your insurance payments?

Mailing delays can cause insurance policies to cancelThe simple answer to this question is that mail delays can cause your insurance policies to get cancelled.

The last thing you need to happen is to have your insurance policies get cancelled due to a mail delay.  And to compound the issue, you may not even know it has been cancelled for several weeks, also due to the mail delays.  Companies are required to notify you of your cancellations by mail.  So it may be several weeks after the cancellation date before you even realize that your insurance has been cancelled.

If not  by mail, then how should you make your payments?

There are several insurance payment options that most companies offer other than mail.  Any one of these options will allow the company to receive your payment without dealing with the mail delays.

Some payment options are as follows:

  • Online payment direct with insurance company
  • Payment through company mobile app
  • Call insurance company directly to make a payment (most have this option 24/7, although some have extended business hours)
  • Automatic EFT with the insurance company.  This way, the company can get your payment from your account on the due date of the payment.  And some companies offer a discount for using this payment method!
  • Call Huff Insurance

These are things that you can do to avoid your insurance policies from cancelling due to the issue with mail delays with your insurance payment.  The last thing you want to happen is to unknowingly have your Auto Insurance, Home Insurance or Business Insurance cancel.

Huff insurance is here to help you with your insurance protection needs.  Please feel free to give us a call at 410-647-1111 if you have any concerns or questions on your insurance coverage.

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