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Beware of These Current Scams

Beware of Scams

Don’t let yourself be the next victim.

Recently several of our clients have been taken advantage of by a scam.  Don’t let yourself be a victim.  If it does not feel right, it is probably not right.

An elderly customer was fooled by 2 people dressed up like the gas company and wanted to check out a potential gas leak in her home.  One of them asked her to wait outside with him while the other one went in to check out the leak,  As it turns out, they were not from the gas company and instead stole some money and jewelry out of the customer’s home.

Another client received a call from what she thought was the social security administration advising her that there was an issue with her social security check this month and they wanted to confirm her social security number and bank account information.   She had just heard about this type of scam on the news and hung up on them and then called the social security administration back from her phone to see if there was an issue.  Of course, there was not.

Supposedly Microsoft Corporation called one of our clients, to tell her that they needed to run a diagnostic on her computer because they think she may have a virus.  Her computer had been running a little slower than usual, so she allowed them to dial into her computer.  It was a scam, they were not Microsoft, and they downloaded a program on her computer that ended up stealing her personal information off her computer and she was the victim of an identity theft.

Finally, another client received an email from IRS, they thought, telling them that they had a tax refund due, but they needed their account information.   Our customer was so thankful of having some extra money, that they did not even think that this could be a scam.   Instead of money being put into her account money was taken out of her account by these thieves.

Don’t allow yourself to be the victim of these crimes.  IRS will never send you an email asking for bank information.   Microsoft is not going to call you because you may have a virus on your computer.    If the gas company comes knocking, ask for identification, and if something does not look right or feel right, then call the gas company to confirm before letting them in your home.   It is easy to be the victim of fraud, so make sure to double check where emails are being sent from, sometimes the name in the email will say one thing but if you look at the senders email address you will see it say something else, this is a sign it is a scam.  Call and verify before giving out any information on your account.

Also, talk to your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent and be sure that you have identity theft coverage on your homeowners insurance policy or automobile insurance policy,  or your commercial policies in the event that you are taken advantage of by one of these schemes.

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