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Severna Park Auto Insurance

Confused by all of the Car Insurance Ads?

With the bombardment of car insurance ads on TV, radio, newspapers and billboards, it can be confusing as to what is most important when it comes to buying the right Car Insurance Policy in Severna Park MD to protect you and your family.

If you listen to the major advertisers, the price you pay is the only thing that matters when it comes to buying an auto insurance policy. But let me ask you this, is saving $100 a year on your auto insurance worth risking your financial future? Most times, these national, out of town online companies are reducing or removing vitally important insurance coverages in order to deliver on the price savings that they are promising.

To me, this is like a reverse lottery. In the lottery, you spend a few bucks for a chance of winning hundreds of thousands or millions. These companies do the reverse, they give you a few dollars (with their supposed savings) and then you bear the risk being sued for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars should you have an uncovered claim on one of these cut rate auto insurance policies.

I doubt that these national advertisers, with their animals, cartoons and fictional characters pushing their cut rate auto insurance even know where Severna Park , MD is located. To them, you would be just another policy written and a statistic. To us, you are a fellow community member who lives and shops in the Severna Park area and we take your protection to heart.  We will make sure you have the right Severna Park auto insurance coverage to protect your needs!

Huff Insurance has been part of the Severna Park community for over 50 years. We are local and we care a lot about our customers and our community. We feel that providing the right coverage to protect your hard earned money is the most important factor in buying an auto insurance policy. And we will provide you with the right car insurance coverage at the right price.

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