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Pasadena Auto Insurance

Does Your Pasadena Car Insurance Policy Provide Enough Coverage for YOU?

Did you know that roughly 14% of all vehicles on Pasadena Maryland roadways do not have car insurance coverage? If you drive to work down Mountain Road, Fort Smallwood Road, Route 100 or Ritchie highway, and drive by 200 cars, 28 of them do not have car insurance!  Is your Pasadena Auto Insurance plan enough to protect you?

We can assume that at least another 11% of the drivers have the minimum required amount of auto insurance.  For Maryland, this is currently $30,000 per person / $60,000 per accident for bodily injury and $15,000 for property damage.

Doing the some simple math. This means that 25% of the drivers that you share the road with either have no auto insurance or the Maryland minimum auto insurance coverage.

If one of your fellow commuters with no car insurance or state minimum car insurance rear ends you at a red light on Mountain Road, will your car insurance provide you with the protection that you need?

How can you make sure you and your family are protected?

Make sure your Pasadena Auto Insurance Policy has liability limits and uninsured motorist limits that are high enough to protect you and your family.

At Huff Insurance in Pasadena, Maryland, we have protecting our fellow Pasadena residents for over 50 years now!

We are proud to be voted the best insurance agency in Pasadena in 2009 and again from 2012 through 2020 in a poll conducted by the Pasadena Voice newspaper.

You want to make sure you have a local insurance agent looking out for your best interests.  So call us or fill out the Pasadena Auto Insurance Quote form now.  One of our Pasadena Insurance professionals will be happy to help you.