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Is Auto Insurance something you can buy off of a shelf?

If you watch a certain auto insurance commercial, you may get the impression that auto insurance is a boxed product that you can buy right off of the shelf. Not only that, they also make it sound as if you can name your own price and everything will be OK.
At Huff Insurance, serving Annapolis Maryland, we do not feel this way. Your car insurance should be customized to your individual and/or family needs. How would you feel if you bought on of these boxed car insurance policies and then found out after an accident that you would have to sell your house in Annapolis and have your wages garnished by 30% for many years to come.

Million dollar lawsuits as a result of car accidents are common these days. All it would take is getting into an accident on Jennifer Road in Annapolis with a surgeon who just left the Anne Arundel Medical center and causing that surgeon to lose function in one of their hands. How much compensation do you think the surgeon’s attorney’s would ask for now that they can no longer perform their everyday job? Do you think they would settle for the $30,000 limits that one of those off the shelf auto insurance policies would have? My thought is probably not.

At Huff Insurance, we would put together an auto insurance plan coupled with an umbrella insurance policy to make sure you had the right coverage at the right price!

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