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Total Customer Experience

Total Customer Experience: From my recent Experience at the MVA.

At Huff Insurance, we focus on giving the customer a great experience when they interact with us at any given time.  We are all human, so I guess that some days can be better than others, but we are doing our best to make every experience consistently a great one.

So when I am out interacting with businesses in my daily life, I try to think about how I feel about my experience from a customer prospective. So looking back at my past week I had an experiences to discuss.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the MVA to get her learner’s permit for diving. I know what everyone is thinking, oh no, the dreaded MVA experience. On this trip, we actually had 3 experiences that that spanned the spectrum. When we first arrive, we go to the information desk to explain why we are there and to review our documents to make sure that we have what we need to get her permit. They then give us a number and have us wait for it to be called. This was a neutral experience, but since our expectations of the MVA are not the highest, we are feeling pretty good at this point.

So then after waiting for only 10 minutes, our number is called, so this makes us feel pretty good, because if you ever had to go to the MVA, a 10 minute wait is a good thing.

So we go over to counter number 4, it is Me, My Daughter, My Wife and My Son. We were all excited to see her get her permit, so we all wanted to be there. We arrive at the counter and my wife and daughter have a seat in the 2 chairs available and my son and I stand behind them. The purpose of this stage is to gather the documents, enter her information, take her eye test and take her permit photo, which I did not realize was done prior to taking the written test, so she looked a bit nervous in the photo. After we all get there, the man behind the counter states that we all don’t have to be there and me and my son can go and have a seat in the waiting area. I then said that we wanted to be there for her because she was so nervous. Then his next statement surprised me (it probably shouldn’t have since it was the MVA). He muttered to himself that he doesn’t need all of these people standing at his counter and then told us to go have a seat. So we reluctantly went over and had a seat. So at this point I went from an OK experience to a negative one due to his attitude. Had this guy never seen a family excited for their child in going through a major lifetime experience?

Then my daughter has to leave his counter and go into the classroom to take her test, which is in an adjacent building and she has to go in alone, which makes sense. So we are back in the waiting area and she returns with a big smile, so we know at that pint she had passed. As soon as she gets in, her number is again called to go to counter 15 to get her permit finalized and printed.

When we get to counter 15 and then our experience took another turn, this time for the better. The lady behind the counter seemed genuinely excited for my daughter passing her test on the first attempt and congratulated her. AS she was asking her to verify the information for her permit, she did so in a manner that made my daughter feel special and good about herself. She was genuinely happy and explained the driving log and then jokingly asked her if it was now time to get a car for Christmas. We were all happy and full of smiles when we left her counter because we had the feeling that someone actually cared and understood the moment that we all were having.

So we left the MVA on a positive note.

So when as we running our business on a day to day business, we have to keep the total customer experience in mind. From the time someone pulls in you parking lot to the time they pull out of your parking lot, their experience is a direct reflection of your business. You have control over what they experience in your business, so do what it takes to make sure it is a positive experience that they will feel good about. After all, they chose to come to you, so don’t make them regret it based on how you make them feel.

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Jerry Nicklow

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