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Tips On Preventing a Data Breach

Cyber Security – Protect Your Data

Data Breach Insurance, Cyber Security, Huff Insurance, Pasadena MDMore than 100 million personal data records could fall into the hands of hackers this year (Based on 2014 figured from  It’s an alarming number, and if 2014 is anything to go by, 80,000 of those records will have been stolen from businesses.

What’s really worrying is that, looking down the running list of compromised records (at , many of them come from organizations like yours and mine, not the big names we always read in the headlines.

The hard truth is that none of us is totally safe from data breaches either from outside hackers or inside jobs such as careless, disgruntled or disloyal employees. Even a lost or stolen laptop could result in a devastating loss.

But there’s a lot you can do to secure those records.

An article on summarizes these nicely:

  • Always storing data in encrypted format
  • Using multiple levels of password protection and changing passwords frequently
  • Running background checks on employees who handle customer data
  • Using security software and firewalls on servers and workstations
  • Implementing a standard security health check on your network
  • Having a disaster plan in place in case a breach occurs
  • Having your attorney update your terms and conditions to hold you harmless in the event of a breach (although that still won’t stop anyone suing you and you losing that suit).

If you are interested in checking your business IT security health, software security firm AVG has a free, 17-step health-check that you’ll find at

If the worst happens, you should always have a powerful backstop in the form of Cyber Liability Insurance / Data Breach Insurance. This can either be part of (or an endorsement to) your Business Owners Insurance Policy or a separate policy.

It can cover not just the lawsuits you might face as a result of an incident but also the costs of rectifying the breach, business interruption and even making good on the inevitable damage to your reputation you would suffer.

Even when you have data breach insurance, it’s always a good idea to keep your insurance coverage under review. Technology is a swiftly-moving force that can change the risks and costs associated with security almost overnight.

Why not schedule a meeting with one of our trusted agents in the next few weeks so we can ensure you’re adequately protected?

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