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Maryland Driver’s License Number Format Change

Maryland Driver’s License Number Format Change: Why You Need to Inform Your Insurance Agent ASAP

Maryland Driver's License number change. Huff Insurance, Pasadena, MDHey there, Maryland drivers! Have you heard about the changes to the Maryland driver’s license number format? If not, you might want to pay close attention because this change could impact your car insurance process.

What’s Changing with Your Maryland Driver’s License Number?

Maryland DMV has revamped the driver’s license numbers to prevent ID theft and fraud. This means your new driver’s license will have a different number from what you’re used to. While it might seem like just another number, it’s actually a big deal for your insurance coverage.

The old number was 13 charachters and used a soundexing system to generate the number.  It started with the first letter of your lase name.  Then the number portion was 12 numbers soundexed based on your full name and date of birth.  Therefore, if someone kjnow your full name and date of birth, they could formulate your Maryland driver’s license number and easily create a fake ID.

The new number is still 13 characters in length.  It starts with MD and the remaining 11 letters are assigned randomly.  This makes it impossible for someone to generate your license number with your personal information.  See the examples in the photo to the right.

Why You Need to Update Your Insurance Agent

When you get a new license number upon renewal or replacement of your license, please give us aa call with the new Maryland driver’s license number.   Your auto insurance company usually finds out about any driving record updates through your DMV records. But with the new system, there’s a glitch: Maryland DMV IS NOT linking the old numbers to the new ones in their system. So, if your insurance company looks up your driving record with your old license number, they’ll get no information.  Yup, you heard that right, nada!

The “No Hit” Issue

A “no hit” on your driving record can lead to a bunch of problems. It can delay your insurance application, mess with your rates, or even affect your coverage. That’s why it’s super important to give your insurance agent a heads-up about your new license number.

What Should You Do When Your Maryland Driver’s License Number Changes?

Here’s what you can do to keep things smooth:

  1. Get Your New License: Once you get your hands on your new Maryland driver’s license, check out the new format and number.
  2. Call Your Insurance Agent: Don’t wait—call your insurance agent right away. Let them know about your new license number so they can update your records.
  3. Confirm the Update: Make sure your insurance agent has updated your info and that they can pull up your driving record without any hiccups.

Don’t Risk It

Remember, your driving record is a big part of determining your insurance rates. Any incorrect information can lead to higher costs, or worse, leave you without coverage when you need it most.

We’re Here to Help!

At Huff Insurance, we’re all about keeping you in the know and making sure your insurance experience is top-notch. Got a new license number? Give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re here to ensure your transition to the new license format is as smooth as driving on an open road.

Stay safe and insured, friends!

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