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Good Student Discount On Auto Insurance – Myth or Reality?

Can kids get a discount on car insurance for getting good grades? Or is this a myth told by parents?

Is there really a good student discount auto insurance? Or, is this a myth that parents use to encourage their teenagers to get good grades?

My son. Dalton had several friends in high school ask him this question.  They truly believed that they were being told a myth by their parents so they would get good grades in school.

So, Is the good student auto insurance discount a myth?

Teenager in disbelief that she is getting good student discount on auto insuranceAs a parent myself, I know parents have been known to use mythical characters throughout the year to get their kids to behave.

But I assure you, the good student discount for auto insurance is real!  It is not a myth!

Most auto insurance companies offer a good student discount.    The discount can be up to 20% off the rate for the youthful operator.

Anyone with a young driver knows that those car insurance rates can be high!

So, to be able to save up 20%, could be significant.

What generally qualifies someone as a good student?

Any of the following may qualify the student for the auto insurance discount:

  • A 3.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • A B+ average
  • Honor roll on the most recent report card

Why do the insurance carriers give a discount for good student?

Statistically the insurance companies have been able to determine that students with above average GPAs have fewer accidents.

When students make good grades, they are showing responsibility, maturity and that they are making good decisions.

It is also assumed that if the student is making good grades that they are spending the time out of school studying rather than driving.  Less amount of time on the roads will result in fewer claims.

What if they don’t qualify when were added to the policy, but get honor roll on the next report card?

Congratulations!  Contact your agent and provide them with proof of the honor roll and it can be added from that time.  Then you will then receive the good student discount.

What can I do to incentive my student to get good grades?

Well, as an insurance agent, I hate to be used as the bad guy!

But, as a mom, my agreement with my kids was if they failed to get honor roll then they had to pay the difference in what the insurance cost where with the good student and what they were without it.

I did not make them work during the school year since they were involved in sports and theater. But I told them that school is their job.  They need to do their job well.  If they can not bring home honor roll then they had to pay the difference in cost.    ( I will tell you that they both successfully finished high school and never had to pay! PROUD MOMA HERE)

If you have an accident or ticket will you lose your good student discount?

No, you will not lose the discount.    The discount is based on grades and nothing more.   Although, getting involved in an accident or getting a moving violation will cause your rates to increase at the renewal,  the discount will not be removed.

Huff insurance also has a young driver contract available.   This allows you and your young driver to spell out the use of the vehicles, number of passengers, and rules of your home as far as good student, tickets or accidents.  If you would like a copy, then please give us a call.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions on the good student discount or any other insurance questions, feel free to give my office a call at 410-647-1111.


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