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Don’t fall for COVID-19 vaccination scams

COVID-19 vaccination scams are on the rise

The coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out and right along with them are the COVID-19 Covid-19 vaccine scam in Marylandvaccination scams are rolling righ along with them.

This is the most recent in a series of scams going around at this time.  Check our our other blog titled:

Don’t fall victim to one of today’s scams

One of the most common Covid-19 vaccine scams is shown in the picture here.  Someone will send a text that states that you are now eligible to get the vaccine.  Or they will send you an email from what looks like a legitimate government email address.  They will even provide a convenient link for you to make your appointment.

This covid-29 vaccine scam can go a couple of ways from here 

  • They will ask for your personal informaiton to set the appointment.  Then proceed to steal your identity or sell your information.
  • They will ask for a payment to secure your appointment
  • They tell you that you can purchase our vaccince to get quicker access
  • They will ask you for your insurance or medicare information and then proceed to commit medicare fraud
  • They will ask for your personal information, insurance information, and a payment of some form

The scammers will even go as far as making their website look exactly line the real appointments websites.  They will copy the home page information and graphics and make it look legitimate.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan held a recent press conference to talk about these scams.

He pointed out several things to keep in mind when aking your vaccine appointment

  • COVID-19 vaccines are free.  You cannot buy a vaccine at this point in time.
  • You will not have to give your social security number to get the vaccine
  • No insurance information or verification is needed to get the vaccine

Unfortunately, these scams, like so many, attempt to prey on our vulerable senior population.  They try to instill a level of fear into their victims.  Then they offer the quick and easy solution to ease their fears.  And proceed to scam them out of their money and/or identity.

If you know someone that is trying to get the vaccine, makesure you discuss this with them.  You do not want a family member ri friend to fall victim to one of these COVID-19 vaccination scams.

As always, the bad guys are finding new ways to try to separate you from your hard earned money.  Do what you can to protect yourself and your family.

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