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Back To School!

Sadly, before you know it, the time will shortly come again when we have to go out shopping for our textbooks and other school supplies. The school-year is shortly upon us. Where did the summer go? Well, unfortunately we have to go back whether we like it or not. Here are a couple tips to ensure your mind is back in full academic swing so you can start this year off on the right foot!

•    Develop organizational systems that will work for YOU.
•    Avoid distractions in your study space.
•    Keep all of your books, notebooks, binders, and folders for each class together on a shelf.
•    Reward yourself! Positive reinforcement is an amazing thing.
•    Schedule time to complete your assignments based on anticipated time on task and urgency.
•    Use an academic planner to keep track of your assignments, deadlines, and appointments.
•    Use shorter, less grammatically correct sentences.
•    Divide your study time into blocks separated by quick breaks.
•    Create and save study guides and aids.
•    Learn how to effectively communicate with your teachers.

For the child going off to college (click to visit our research page)

•    Maintain a College Budget- Keep a record of all expenditures to be responsible for extracurricular spending, including clothes shopping and nights out with friends.
•    Less Is More When Packing for College- You should pack items you can share with roommates and also bring storage boxes that can be stored under beds and in closets; Dorms are very small, with little storage.
•    Get Along With Roommates- Roommates may be able to avoid issues if ground rules are set from the beginning. Having conversations about cleaning schedules or having friends over can ensure roommates are on the same page.
•    Be Proactive about Fighting College Stress- Believe it or not, just getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, or seeking out counseling services on campus will help relieve your stress.
•    Fight the Freshman 15- College dining halls often offer buffet options. Freshmen who want to fight the bulge should consider counting calories watching their portions, and exercising regularly.
•    Find Cheap College Textbooks- Before freshmen purchase textbooks at college bookstores, they should consider renting, purchasing used, or explore the library for extra copies or see if their professor has extras to lend out to students..
•    Dealing with a Bad Grade- Receiving a bad grade can be frustrating, but it can also be a learning experience. Students who have questions about their grade should set up a meeting with the professor, which can be beneficial in numerous ways: the student learns from the experience and the professor gets to know the student.

We wish you and your children a safe and educational 2013-2014 school year.

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